Welcome to EthioNet Fast Internet Speed Test Online, Ethiopia’s premier platform for testing your internet speed with accuracy and ease. Our free service allows anyone across Ethiopia to understand their internet connection’s true speed for both downloading and uploading. Designed with simplicity in mind, EthioNet Fast Internet Speed Test Online is perfect for students, professionals, and internet enthusiasts who want to gauge their connection’s performance.

With just one click, you can get detailed insights into your download speed, upload speed, and ping rate. It’s more than just a speed test; it’s a commitment to transparency and reliability in the digital age. Try EthioNet Fast Internet Speed Test Online today, and stay connected with confidence. The Ethio Telecom Speed test is 99% accurate results providing tool with no click.

Internet Speed Test - Qormaata Saffisa Intarneetii

The Internet Speed Test in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia and around the world, internet speed is an essential part of our daily lives. From watching videos to browsing websites, speed matters. We will explore various ways to perform an Ethiotelecom internet speed test or Qormaata Saffisa Intarneetii, ensuring you get the best online experience.

What is an Internet Speed Test?

An internet speed test is a tool to measure how fast data travels from the EthioNet internet to your device. These tests include:

  • Free Internet Speed Test: Available online for anyone to use.
  • Fast Internet Speed Test: Provides quick results.
  • Mobile Internet Speed Test: For testing EthioNet internet speed on mobile devices.
  • Internet Speed Test Mbps: Measures speed in megabits per second.

Why Test My Internet Speed?

  • Performance Check: Know if you’re getting the speed you paid for.
  • Troubleshooting: Identify if slow speed is an issue.
  • Optimization: Make necessary adjustments for a better experience.

All Internet ISPs in Ethiopia with Ranking

Below is a table that includes some of the prominent ISPs in Ethiopia, but the number of users and rankings are placeholders and should be replaced with the current data.

RankingISPNumber of Users
1Ethio Telecom40,000,000
2ZTE Corporation5,000,000
3Wananchi Group2,000,000
4VSAT Systems500,000
5MTN Business Ethiopia1,000,000

Popular Internet Speed Test Options

Various tools can help you test your EthioNet internet speed. Here’s a look at some popular options:

Internet Speed Test Google

Google offers a simple and easy-to-use speed test:

  • Free: No cost involved.
  • Fast: Quick results.
  • Accessible: Just search “Internet Speed Test” on Google.

Internet Speed Test Online

Many websites provide free online tests and የበይነመረብ ፍጥነት ሙከራ, such as:

  • Ookla: Known for its mobile internet speed test.
  • Internet Speed Test Org: Offers various testing options.
  • Internet Speed Test Software: Downloadable tools for more detailed analysis.

Internet Speed Test Options of Qormaata Saffisa Intarneetii Saffisaa EthioNet

Internet Speed Test GoogleA fast, free tool by Google
Internet Speed Test OnlineVarious free online options
Internet Speed Test ProProfessional-grade testing
Internet Speed Test App DownloadApps for mobile testing
Internet Speed Test Online Mobile OoklaMobile testing by Ookla
WWW Internet Speed TestGlobal speed test options

How to Perform a Test

Test My Internet Speed Online

  1. Choose a Tool: Select one of the tools mentioned above.
  2. Click ‘Start’: Usually, a button initiates the test.
  3. Wait for Results: The test measures download speed, upload speed, and ping.
  4. Review: Understand if your speed matches your expectations.

Test My Internet Speed Mbps

  • Select a Tool Measuring in Mbps: Many tools offer this unit.
  • Follow the Same Steps as Above: The process is usually the same.

Mobile Internet Speed Testing

Testing internet speed on mobile is similar to testing on a computer. You can:

  • Use a Browser: Websites like “Internet Speed Test Online Mobile Ookla” work on mobile.
  • Download an App: Many apps, such as “Internet Speed Test App Download,” are available.

Professional Tools

Internet Speed Test Pro

For businesses or tech-savvy users, professional tools offer:

  • Detailed Analysis: More in-depth information.
  • Historical Data: Track your speed over time.
  • Technical Support: Assistance if you encounter issues.

Internet Speed Test Software

The software can be installed on a computer, providing:

  • Regular Monitoring: Keep track of your speed.
  • Customization: Set specific preferences for testing.

Tips for an Accurate Test

To ensure the test reflects your actual internet speed:

  • Close Other Applications: They might use the internet.
  • Test Multiple Times: To get an average.
  • Use a Wired Connection if Possible: It’s usually faster and more stable.


Testing your Internet speed is simple, free, and can be done by anyone in Ethiopia. Whether you want to test your internet speed online or download an internet speed test app, you have many options.

  • Choose the Right Tool: From Google’s fast internet Ethiotelecom speed test to mobile internet speed tests and የበይነመረብ ፍጥነት ሙከራ.
  • Understand the Results: Know what’s good for your needs.
  • Use the Information: Make improvements if needed.

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